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Criminal & Personal Injury Services from the Christmas Law Firm

Get robust criminal defense and personal injury services from experienced legal practitioners.

Christmas Law Firm

Are you penalized for drinking under influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI)?

Does your name appear in a criminal case that you want to contend strongly?

Do you want to claim compensation for a personal injury?

Christmas Law Firm can help you with reliable legal services.

With expertise in criminal law, the Christmas Law Firm helps you with strong defense at the 21st Judicial District Court, including the Tangipahoa, Livingston, and St. Helena Parishes regions. We help you contest any criminal case.

Our legal services will also help you with prosecution in instances of DWI/DUI litigations. It is through a strong defense that you can counter allegations made by the State in case of false accusations. Besides this, we also help you claim compensation for personal injury that can be physiological or psychological.

Christmas Law Firm

With our thorough understanding of

criminal law, we can help you with any criminal case.

Personal Attention

Our law firm understands every aspect of your case. It is only after understanding the legal merits of your case that we proceed further to help you appropriately. Our team provides personal attention to all your needs in compiling evidences and gathering witnesses to profess for you at the court of law.


Dedicated Services

We are specialized and experienced in only a few aspects of law- criminal, personal injury, and DWI/DUI. Our attorneys have been practicing law in these specific subjects, and have been providing services for your legal needs.